Ten years ago today...

Ten years ago today, I set out to build on a dream. To live by my creative passions and execute a life long goal. A decade past,I can proudly stand in front of that goal, Urban Dwellings.

It has been an amazing decade filled with valuable lessons and insights. Thank you to my educators, mentors, friends and family that encouraged me to be independent, follow my instincts, and simply to be true to myself.

This foundation so encourages me to welcome in what the next decade holds for me both, personally and professionally. This new era begins with UD's new studio and retail location on the "Hill" in Portlands fabulous East End. Inviting new opportunities and welcoming friends, new and true, to see our work and shop the unique finds and brands.

Thank you, to all, that have been a part of the past and continue to be the future. I am, and will be, forever grateful!